Piyush Chowhan, CIO, LuLu Group International, UAE

Piyush Chowhan, CIO, LuLu Group International, UAE

Piyush Chowhan, CIO, LuLu Group International, UAE

Piyush Chowhan is a digital evangelist with a passion for transforming businesses with the use of technology.



The world is rotating on the axis of technology. In today’s digitally evolving society, we see new inventions and innovations every day. Technology is continuously changing the game of business. Every aspect of business has been greatly influenced by digital innovation. Artificial Intelligence is being adapted all over the world.

Today on TBCY we have with us a tall technology leader from Dubai, Piyush Chowhan. 

About Piyush:

Piyush is the Group CIO of the LuLu Group International headquartered in the UAE. He is a digital evangelist with a passion to transform businesses using technology. He is passionate about working with startups and innovation led companies. 

Piyush is also a writer and thought leader. He has mastered technology and innovation over the years and is continuously contributing to his passion for a technology led society. In this very interesting episode with our host, Piyush takes us through the modern world of technology and how it is changing the face of business everyday.

His role as a Digital Evangelist:

As a digital evangelist, Piyush uses the apt digital tools to transform retail. 

“What we are seeing is the rebirth of a new retail format. It is still evolving. I don’t think we have reached anywhere near what we want to see from a technology perspective and I believe that the next two decades will be more interesting than the past two decades. So if you if you were to ask me what I am up to in in LuLu, I was kind of hired here about two years back and my charter would be to use digital tools and transform retail as much as possible so that we are ready for the future”

Piyush has worked for over two decades in the tech industry and has witnessed some of the biggest changes the sector has seen. He believes technology has evolved in three major areas. One of them being, sensing technologies.

AI in Business:

When asked about possible reinforcements of drones and robots for deliveries, the tech master replies

“We are still a little away from that not because of the technology maturity but I think the chaos that it will create there that nobody has still any internet is something which is still democratic. It is not intruding into anybody but I think space is something which is nobody’s territory. So there are still regulations which are being evolved. If we were to say that millions of drones start conquering space it would be utter chaos. So there has to be some amount of regulation and thought process before that becomes a reality”

Piyush strongly believes that unlike traditional retailing, modern retail needs to be unique and subjective for each customer. And that he is working to bring that to life using the most modern forms of innovations.

His work is motivated by the miraculous technologies we are set to witness in the coming years!

Tune in to know more about Piyush and his journey in the world of tech and innovation.


Piyush Chowhan is a digital evangelist with a passion for transforming businesses with the use of technology. With over two decades of experience working with global consumer and retail companies, he has an excellent track record of delivering results and creating value across organizations. His vision is creating innovation-focused digital strategies to maximize today’s opportunities and prepare organizations for future disruptions. His passion for working with startups and innovation-led companies has given him the edge to create digital assets for organizations with the use of the latest technologies like Analytics, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence. He has been a widely recognized leader in digital transformation and has been a much-wanted speaker at over 100 global events. He is an avid writer and his thought leadership is published in multiple magazines and portals.

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