Hari Prakash M, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Hari Prakash M, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Hari Prakash M, Management Consultant, and Executive Coach

Hari Prakash is a senior Management Professional, with about 38 years’ experience of leading business operations in Oil & Lubricants, Petrochemicals, and Industrial component manufacturing.



As Bill Gates has rightly said,

“Everybody needs a coach”

The role of coaching has evolved tremendously over the years. Unlike before, coaching is not a family matter. It has become more of a profession. And a highly demanded one at that!

In the modern-day and age, competition is the essence of business. In such an environment, entrepreneurs are doing their best to stay relevant for the long run. Unbiased advice, third-person perspective, and proper guidance are something every entrepreneur can use to their advantage. Executive coaches help entrepreneurs realize their full potential and give impactful approaches. 

Today TBCY brings you a professional and Executive Coach from India, Hari Prakash.

About Hari:

Hari is a Management Consultant and an Executive Coach. He is the Former CEO of GP Petroleum Limited India in India and he is a Certified Independent Director. Hari has been in the industry for several years and has impacted many lives in the course of his career. 

In this very interesting discussion with host Ashutosh Garg, Hari takes us through the dynamics of Executive and Business Coaching.

Why Coaching?

Irrespective of having a successful corporate career, Hari exited to pursue his journey towards Coaching. When asked why he switched his path, he replies

“I generally like to help people and work in teams. It has been with me for quite some time and more recently, I joined rotary for community service and I must say it was an eye-opener when I realized that I  could impact the lives of people even in a small way”

I must say that the coaching foundation of India where I had my postgraduate degree as well for coaching played a huge role in shaping what coaching can look like. Now I enjoy coaching and making a positive impact on people’s lives.”


Hari talks about the evolution of coaching as a profession. Transforming from being a family affair to a senior mentor and finally making it into the corporate sector, coaching has many phases of development. 

He throws light on some very important aspects of coaching like finding the right coach and the right time to start coaching. Hari strongly believes that every person needs a coach. Whether it is a corporate worker, entrepreneur or a family man, coaching is vital for getting feedback.

Hari highlights the distinct differences in coaching professionals from diverse backgrounds. He believes the company and country culture play a major role in determining the type of coaching required. He also shares some of his personal stories and experiences. 

Business Values:

Hari has based his career on the strong pillars of integrity and commitment. The result of his grounded work ethic is indeed seen in the amazing work Hari does. He has impacted the lives of many people.

Tune in to know more about Hari and his Coaching journey.


Hari Prakash is a senior Management Professional, with about 38 years’ experience of leading business operations in Oil & Lubricants, Petrochemicals and Industrial component manufacturing. Worked in India, China and Singapore as Sales Director – Asia Pacific countries with Castrol / British Petroleum. He retired end 2019 as the CEO of GP Petroleums Ltd. Currently he is a Management Consultant for M&A, Strategy and Transformation.

He is a certified Independent Director registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, for Board positions in listed companies. Hari Prakash is a practicing Executive Coach for CXOs and Senior Management Professionals

Recognized for leading diverse teams across geographies in Asia Pacific & Europe. Managed the business turnaround of core countries in Asia for a global energy conglomerate. Accredited for launching a new brand from Europe, in India and turnaround of a listed entity to enhance shareholder value.

Passionate about Sales & Marketing, Operations Management, Safety Leadership, Diversity and Capability Development. Hari Prakash is an active Rotarian, leading community development projects and empowering differently abled persons to live with pride and dignity.

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