Viloshni Moodley, Founder, Ultimacy Online

Viloshni Moodley, Founder, Ultimacy Online

Viloshni Moodley, Founder, Ultimacy Online

Viloshni Moodley is an accredited Master Sexpert, Relationship & Love Coach practicing as an Online Intimacy Coach.



We live in a world where marriages are celebrated grandly but love is highly bordered. It is almost ironic how we as a society celebrate the product of love but not love in itself and in its true and unfiltered forms. Irrespective of hiper modern societies, topics like love, intimacy and sex remain hush topics. Sex education is still looked at very conservatively and unimportant. 

Improper sex education and societal taboos lead to a sense of ignorance among the youth. This in turn leads to increased sexual health problems and heinous crimes like sexual assault. The concept of consent is still an alien concept to many people. 

Today, TBCY brings you a very special guest who is unafraid of being vocal about these issues. 

About Viloshni:

She is a loveologist and is passionate about creating awareness on the subjects of love, relationships, and sex. We are pleased to welcome Viloshni Moodley on the podcast.

Viloshni is the Founder of Ultimacy Online. She is a certified loveologist and is recognized and felicitated numerous times. Viloshni is from Johannesburg, South Africa. 

In this very informative and woke conversation with host Ashutosh, Viloshni highlights the taboo that the world has created around sex and the consequences that follow.

Why become an entrepreneur?

After spending almost three decades in the corporate sector, Viloshni exited to pursue something different. She believed that empowering women was always her motivation. This motivation clubbed with her entrepreneurial instincts led her to launch Ultimacy Online, an online venture that provides a wide range of services that help people engage better with their personal lives.  

“I think it was more my passion to actually empower women. I was you know, I had a very successful career for 27 years long in a male-dominated environment as well. The one thing that I came across is a woman who faced very similar circumstances as I had. You know brought up in very conservative homes, no sex education and it’s almost like you, an adult, you’re navigating your way through life. It was my passion that led me to my purpose and that’s the formation of Ultimacy Online.”

Who is a loveologist?

Every person at a point in time requires help and guidance when it comes to keeping their love lives stable and happy. As an individual who professionally helps people improve their love lives, Viloshni explains to us the significance of her role.

“Basically the term loveologist is someone who’s a specialist in love, sex, and relationships. You also get a sexologist and a sexologist is usually used for someone who has a Ph.D. So I don’t have a Ph.D. However I’ve done all of the um you know all of my studies with regards to sex love and relationships and I am helping people or should I say guiding people, to navigate through these.”


As a person who is doing diverse work in the field, Viloshni takes us through some very important aspects of sex and relationships. Ashutosh and Viloshni talk about sexual health issues and how they are increasing due to careless behavior.

 Improper or inadequate sex education is also a big contributor to sexual health problems. Viloshni strongly believes that age-appropriate sex education in the early stages is extremely necessary. Love and loving environments at home inculcate good behavior in children. 

Viloshni also shares how sex education can directly impact gender-based violence in society. She talks about gender imbalance and the long-fought journey of women’s rights in the corporate sector.

Viloshni is boldly open about her opinions. She strongly believes that there is no shame whatsoever, in keeping ourselves educated and open to sexual and intimate discussions. They are healthy and promote a positive attitude in society.


Viloshni Moodley is an accredited Master Sexpert, Relationship & Love Coach practicing as an Online Intimacy Coach. She is the founder and owner of Ultimacy Online, since leaving her over 25 years of management experience within Corporate South Africa. Her passion for empowering individuals with positive sex education and breaking the cycle of negative conditioning has influenced her decision on establishing Ultimacy Online. She believes relationships are the most important factor to overall well-being and is thus passionate about making a change to ensure people have more fulfilling relationships. Having a happy, healthy relationship provides balance in individuals and couples.  Individuals equipped with sex-positive information diminish the misnomers and shame associated with sex.  It provides a basis to make informed decisions for the person’s sexual health and promotes safe behaviour.  This can contribute to making a difference in the horrific stats we are faced with daily on gender-based violence and sexual health issues.  Ultimacy Online was a 2020 Brainz Magazine 500 HonoureeViloshni has been a recipient of the Great Indian Women Award in the category of an Indian Women Making an Impact for 2021.  TEDx Speaker on “The Importance of Intimacy”

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