Bryan Flanagan, Founder, Flanagan Training Group

Bryan Flanagan, Founder, Flanagan Training Group

Bryan Flanagan, Founder, Flanagan Training Group

Bryan Flanagan began his career as a delivery boy for the IBM Corporation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



Sales are one of the biggest working sectors in the world. Without sales and marketing, every company would struggle to put through their ideas and businesses to the consumers. Sales require confident, eloquent, and knowledgeable professionals. A good sales base can change the game of businesses.

Today we bring you a unique personality who is not only a salesman but also a CEO!

TBCY is pleased to welcome a very accomplished trainer from the corporate sector, Bryan Flanagan.

About Byan :

Bryan is the Founder of Flanagan Training Group. In his very extraordinary journey, he has scaled up from being a salesman to a CEO! Bryan has authored numerous training programs. He has worked with the Ziglar Corporation for 25 years. He has immense experience in sales and has mastered his skills greatly.

In this conversation with host Ashutosh, Bryan takes us on his amazing journey of salesmanship, leading and contributing to the growth of other people. 

About Flanagan Training Institute:

As a professional trainer, Bryan helps his clients gain perspective and techniques to polish their sales and marketing skills. His sales training is concentrated on anybody who is passionate about selling. 

He believes that he is not helping people to be professional salesmen, rather he is helping them to be professionals who can sell!

“I’ve been in sales all my career. I was a struggling salesperson and I needed a lot of help even though I was with the IBM corporation and they gave world-class sales training. Zig Ziglar really helped me do that early in my career and I really found out that you need to invest more in yourself than you do in your profession because personal growth precedes professional growth. So I caught that early and I had a passion for training, a passion for learning. And that’s how it kind of evolved”

Bryan has designed some of the most incredible training programs and focuses them on familiarising the trainees with the new roles in sales. Bryan also explains the 11 essential skills that a sales presenter must inculcate in themselves. He talks about the importance of the visual, vocal, and delivery aspects of a presentation. 


Bryan throws light on the detailing of training the budding salespersons. He makes a clear difference between education and training. He explains what goes into making a good salesperson and why non-traditional salespeople are unique. He strongly believes that if trained properly, salespersons can outdo themselves in the field. 

Bryan talks about his own experience as a salesman and his passion for sales. He is uniquely representing two roles- a salesman as well as a CEO. Bryan believes that anything too natural can be a little dangerous. He would rather put his faith in people who are properly trained.

Training the newer generations:

Bryan has been in the sales and training sector for several decades. That being said, he has worked with people coming from diverse backgrounds. He shares that age difference plays a key role in the impact of training. 

“I think the kids now, the younger generation, are really asking the question- what’s in it for me. More so than my generation did. So you’ve got to bring something that’s pertinent to their world and their world is serving. Their world is having a purpose bigger than themselves- 

 How is this going to help me impact my long-range?

To young and budding salesmen:

A person who has such a dynamic background in sales, his advice is definitely worth it for anyone looking to make a career in the field.

“Two things- learn your profession. You never graduate from selling. And secondly, as a salesperson, learn to respect your profession. The biggest challenge I had was that I thought selling was a personality. And I was miserable. When I understood that selling was a process, not a personality, my career took off!” 

Bryan is indeed an inspirational and striking professional. His work helps hundreds of individuals gain unique perspectives towards their profession.


Bryan Flanagan began his career as a delivery boy for the IBM Corporation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He then invested the next 14 years with IBM as a salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national training center.

In 1984, Bryan joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation.  He served as the Director of Corporate Training for Zig for over 25 years working with a variety of companies, industries, and clients. 

In 2005, Bryan founded Flanagan Training Group. In this capacity, he designs and delivers training programs which improve team and individual productivity and growth.  He has authored numerous training programs including his sales book “Now, Go Sell Somebody Something” and the 4-CD set “Bryan Flanagan on Sales and Motivation.” His latest book and CD set is entitled “So, You’re New to Sales.” 

One of his most requested training programs is “Effective Business Presentation Skills.” This is an intensive workshop where each of the 11 Essential Skills are defined, demonstrated, and then practiced! Each participant is actually recorded during several short presentations and he/she receives feedback immediately following the practice session.

He is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University with a B.S. in General Studies. He and Cyndi have been married for 51 years; have two children, and resident in Plano, Texas. 

Bryan understands the corporate marketplace and what it takes to achieve success in today’s competitive environment. 

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