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Ria Rustagi, Co Founder and COO, Neuphony, India’s first brain wearable device

Ria Rustagi, Co Founder and COO, Neuphony, India's first brain wearable device

The brain is the softest and most powerful organ of the human body. Our bodies completely rely on the stable functioning of the brain and neural activity.

Tamara Loehr, Co-Founder, Beusail

In this very interesting interview with host Frits Bussemaker, Tamara takes us through her journey of following her heart and making the right choices. She talks to us about Beusail, a very unique business venture with a deeply rooted meaning.

Ruby Ahluwalia , Founder, Sanjeevani, Life Beyond Cancer

Ruby goes on to explain the programs available at the organization. She shares that apart from helping patients get access to treatment and nutrition, Sanjeevani had many more targets. They are focused on spreading cancer awareness among the citizens. She also talks about the nutrition programs and celebrations that take place at Sanjeevani.