Dr. Barbara Flügge, Author, Mobility Moves Minds

Dr Barbara Flügge, Author, Mobility Moves Minds.

Dr. Barbara Flügge, Author, Mobility Moves Minds




Leadership is a very subjective concept. Every leader is unique in their own way. Enhancing one’s leadership and finding the key to entrepreneurial success is a stepping stone for every leader in the corporate sector. 

Today on The Brand Called You, we have an incredible guest who has unlocked the secrets of corporate leadership. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Barbara Flugge. Barbara is the author of a book titled Mobility Moves Minds and she’s also the Founding member of Women H2H. 

In this very interesting episode with our host Ashutosh Garg, Barbara shares the story behind her book and the amazing concepts of mobility and resilience in business. 

What is Mobility?

As an author who has written an entire book on the subject of mobility, Barbara defines the concept for us. 

“Well, mobility, what you see from the cover has these three dots, it’s for me physical, digital and mental mobility and what I like to read is the dedication of how I came up with this three-tier mobility and I think that explains very well what mobility is to me. 

So it’s dedicated to the ones who ingeniously encounter the beauty of resisting to feed an ever-changing world with humanity, with soul, with intellect, with creativity, so that everyone is equally treated physically, digitally and mentally.”

Barbara believes that mobility is the answer to modern problems. She believes that it has the ability to empower leaders to make this world a better place.

The 7 pillars of corporate resilience:

She talks about the 7 pillars of corporate resilience that are a big part of her project. She highlights the importance of these pillars in a corporate setup. Barbara looks at corporations as a home. Some major pillars are the golden circle, resilience management, operational model, ecosystems model, resilience membrane, etc. Her strategies are dynamic and her outlook is focused on market insights.


Further, into the conversation, Barbara shares the different types of mobility and explains each, beautifully. She explains why apart from physical, mental, and digital mobility is also necessary. She gives some very compelling examples to prove her theory and talks about business in the modern sense. Barbara also highlights the impact of culture on resilience. She believes that resiliency cannot be looked at as a global asset and culture flavors resiliency. 

She also explains the important mobility qualities every leader must-have.

Tune in to the full video to know more about Barbara and her unique scope of work.


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