Venkat Potturu, Certified Leadership and Team Coach

Venkat Potturu, Certified Leadership and Team Coach

The Brand Called You welcomes Venkat Potturu on the show today. Venkat is a leading corporate professional and coach. He has years of experience in the corporate world.



Leadership requires consistent effort and a lot of risk taking abilities. In order to sustain leadership, one needs to explore leadership styles and possibilities. A leadership/executive coach helps you to do just that!

The Brand Called You welcomes Venkat Pottoru on the show today. Venkat is a leading corporate professional. He has years of experience in the corporate world. Venkat has also taken up coaching recently. He is certified Leader and Team Coach. He has worked for large Indian and Multinational Companies.

In this very interesting conversation with our host Ashutosh, Venkat shares his professional journey with us. 

After working in the corporate industry for almost three and a half decades, Venkat felt the need to give back to budding leaders and executives. He took up leadership coaching in order to share his extensive experiences and learnings. 

Venkat talks to us about some very important aspects of coaching. He highlights the growing relevance of coaching in India. Venkat also makes a distinct differentiation between mentoring and coaching. He believes that every leader requires a coach. He suggests the right time for people to hire a coach. In his opinion, mutual trust is very important in the coach-coachee relationship. 

Venkat has done some amazing work in helping leaders perform better and know their full potential. Tune in to know more about him!


 Venkat works with high performing leaders to help them continue to develop their leadership capabilities while meeting the everchanging business needs. With his rich experience in business and executive management positions he helps Senior Leaders achieve spectacular results through coaching. He is a result-oriented coach, guiding CEO/CXO level executives / Senior leadership to better their Organizational and Personal performance, helps them optimise resources, synergise efforts across the organization by developing common understanding and result orientation.

With his empathetic probing approach, patient listening skills he helps them reflect, open-up their true self through creating positive energy and awareness. Respect of confidentiality, trust, ethics are ensured. Through reflection during and after the coaching, successful leaders learn to stop certain behaviours which could be impediments for their future growth and Organization performance. He helps them achieve multi fold improvement in their leadership style and behaviours through meaningful Leadership Performance growth measurement. He trains the leaders to sustain the leadership performance growth into lasting new habits through mental muscles building.

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