What Is Thought Technology? | Archna Sharma, Founder, Roccia Bliss – Your Happiness Partner

Our thoughts hold more power than we can imagine. Good and positive thoughts are a great stepping stone towards a happier and more balanced life. However, too much positivity may also lead to being toxic. So, to create a balanced mind, it is important that our mind is healthy. It is also important that we deal with the stress that we face on a daily basis. Work and personal stress for adults; and personal and school stress amongst teenagers, often leads to anxiety and even depression. In order to avoid these issues, it is vital that we sit down with ourselves or mental health professionals and give our minds the dose of calmness that it needs. Today we have a very unique professional who is doing some amazing work in the social field. Archna Sharma, a happiness coach, is with us for a brand new episode. Archna is the Founder of Roccia Bliss, a company that talks about happiness as your partner. She is a Thought Technologist and an Educationist turned Social Entrepreneur. She has a background in Computer Science and has also been an associate professor in reputed institutions. In a very interesting discussion with host Ashutosh Garg, Archna shares her heartwarming and unique professional story. Her initiative Roccia Bliss is an out-of-the-box initiative that helps people with respect to the Art of Thinking. Archna also explains the concept of thought technology in detail! Tune in!

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