Alankar Chandra, Founder & CEO, Wild Voyager Pvt Ltd – Wild Voyager LLC

“Success is the freedom to do what I like to do”

On this episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a wildlife enthusiast who is not only passionate about wildlife but has also turned it into an amazing business opportunity. We have with us Mr. Alankar Chandra, the Founder of Wild Voyager! Alankar has worked with companies like HSBC, Cognizant and Brillio Technologies. He is from IIM AHMEDABAD. Along with wildlife he is also passionate about travel and photography! In the episode, Alankar talks about his journey in pursuit of his passion. He describes Wild Voyager as a venture that was initially a photography tour company but turned into a full time travel company with sales and operation teams. He describes it as an experiential and luxurious travel company. Alankar talks about the equipment with which one can start wildlife photography and also shares the information about the lenses and cameras that are used by him. He shares some interesting experiences and special moments that  led him into taking wildlife photography very seriously.   Mr. Garg and Mr. Chandra discuss the status of wildlife conservation in the country and compare it with that of the African regions. They converse about nature photography, importance of lighting and settings for photography and travel experiences. Alankar shares the core values of his business and the values that he religiously sticks to personally . He believes that no day is the same in his life and professional work. His work excites him, and he looks forward to gaining better experience and a lot of success and satisfaction from the work he does!

Alankar Chandra, Founder & CEO, Wild Voyager Pvt Ltd – Wild Voyager LLC


Alankar Chandra is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and Delhi College of Engineering. He has held middle to top leadership positions in corporates such as HSBC, Cognizant and Brillio Technologies prior to chasing his passion of Wildlife photography and Travel with his company Wild Voyager Pvt Ltd, which specialises in designing exotic journeys to remote natural and wildlife hotspots of the world. Apart from being an successful entrepreneur he is also one of the leading natural history photographers from India. His works have been published in international and domestic media and he is widely followed on social media with over 200,000 followers. His passion has taken him to remote wilderness destinations in India, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania, Iceland and Norway to name a few and won him international awards. That was the inspiration per se to start a venture around travel and photography. He is a thought leader in travel industry and entrepreneurship, and his interviews and works have been published by leading national and global publications. He is also a regular speaker at Industry events, Indian institute of Managements and international tourism roadshows.

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