Priyanka Nijhawan, Director – Representations, Nijhawan Group

“Travel has become a necessity rather than a luxury”

Today on The Brand Called You we have with us the Director of Representation of the Nijhawan Business Groups, Mrs. Priyanka Nijhawan. She is a professional from the travel and tourism industry and has been awarded several times in the domain. She was also awarded “leading woman entrepreneur” in 2020. From getting a degree in computer science to deciding on contributing to her husband’s business, Mrs. Nijhawan shared her very interesting story with Mr. Garg. She spoke about the challenges of a working woman and how she transitioned through diverse fields and became a successful entrepreneur. 

Talking about the Nijhawan Business Group, she mentioned that it covers the representation of  travel and tourism agencies. They also offer travel portals and sales and marketing strategies to leading hotel chains and tourism brands. This mainly includes looking after Trade relations, marketing and PR. Mrs. Nijhawan also spoke about the necessity of values in business. She remarked that integrity is the most important value that she follows in her personal as well as professional life.  She described the digitalisation that had taken place due to the pandemic and how it has helped connecting better. 

A hardworking woman who will definitely inspire many, Mrs. Nijhawan wants it all! She defines her success boldly and works towards it endlessly.



Priyanka is a seasoned professional with an industry experience of over 11 years. Leading the representation vertical of Nijhawan Group since the past 8 years, Priyanka’s core competence lies in understanding, leading and directing various verticals to ensure efficiency in accomplishment of all business goals. A graduate in Maths (Hons) from one of India’s most premier institutes, the Lady Sri Ram College; Priyanka went on to top the prestigious Delhi University and earned a place for herself as a scholar at Kings College London where she did her Master’s in Computer Science and was awarded the “Best Student of the Year”. Priyanka was also the Chairwoman for CII- Indian Women Network for the Delhi Chapter. 

Priyanka’s strong relationship-driven strategic channels have enabled her to leverage exclusive representations of top Tourism Boards, luxurious international hospitality brands and top-selling attractions across the globe. 

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