Rohit Kapur, President of Jet HQ Asia

On another motivational episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us Mr. Rohit Kapur. Mr. Kapur is a former Army officer turned Entrepreneur. He has served in the Army for 20 plus years. He is currently the president of Jet HQ Asia, a private aircraft brokerage company.  Rohit shares his journey from defence into the private sector. He describes his business as the selling and purchasing of pre owned helicopters and aircrafts. He joined the company as manager and is responsible for expanding business in the Asian and South Asian regions. They discuss the increase in private aircraft ownerships. Rohit believes it is connected to the well being of the economy. He also shares the core values of his business and explains that transparency with clients is very important! Rohit believes himself to be a collaborative leader and a quick decision maker. His love for autobiographies and world affair books has helped him come a long way! Rohit believes in setting small goals. And advises to get back up after each fall and continue fighting!

“What you see today has come after a lot of hard work and struggle.”

Rohit Kapur, President of Jet HQ Asia


Rohit’s career in civil aviation started in 2003. After an illustrious career in the Indian Army, flying helicopters for almost twenty years, and with over 3000 hours of flying experience, Rohit decided to hang up his boots, and moved to world of business aviation. Rohit has served in several leadership roles in India in the business aviation industry since then. In addition to setting up the corporate aviation department for Punj Lloyd Limited,  one of the foremost  Indian infrastructure company, and leading it for several years, he has also served as the CEO of Indocopters Private Limited, the sales and support distributor of Airbus Helicopters (then Eurocopters) in India. At Indocopters, Rohit was responsible for managing the sale, maintenance and product support for the entire airbus helicopter fleet in the Indian sub-continent.

In 2010, Rohit became one of the Founding Partners at Arrow Aircraft Sales and Charters Private Limited and served as its Managing Partner for almost 10 years.  During this time, he had a direct responsiblity for leading the aircraft sales vertical of the company, which had the sales representation for Gulfstream and HondaJet, and Beechcraft, before it was taken over by Textron Aviation. Given his sales and leadership position at Arrow Aircraft, Rohit has been involved in several global aircraft sales transactions over the years. Since April 2020, Rohit is the President for Jet HQ Asia. Jet HQ is one of the leading aircraft brokerage companies, specializing in sale and purchase of pre-owned aircraft in the private aviation segment. Headquartered in the US. It has world-wide presence, with an office in Dubai, and sales team in Europe and Asia.


In 2011, Rohit, along with some leading industry professionals, was responsible for establishing the Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA) in India. The BAOA represents the only industry voice in India, with affiliations to IBAC in Montreal. As Founding President of BAOA from 2011 to 2019, Rohit was part of the IBAC Governing Board, and is a leading voice for business aviation matters in India. Even today, he is a member of the Civil Aviation Committees for leading industry bodies in India, and frequently involved in policy advice by the government authorities. An alumnus of the Harvard Business School (GMP-22), Rohit has a passion for golf, and you would find him on a golf course when he is not working on his next deal. He is also a voracious reader, and loves to spend time reading books, especially on world affairs and autobiographies. 




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