Congressman Raja Krishnamoorti, Congressman, USA

Politics is not a transactional game, it is a relationship game.”

We are so delighted to have with us Congressman Raja Krishnamoorti on the show today. Mr. Krishnamoorti is the representative of Illinois District eight. He comes from a family of educators and has studied Mechanical Engineering from Princeton and Law from Harvard Law school. In Congress, he has served as the Deputy treasurer. He is also the Entrepreneur of a defence and solar energy venture. With respect to the Covid-19 situation, Mr. Sandeep Tyaagi and Mr. Krishnamoorti engaged in a very gripping conversation about increasing the government stimulus package for companies that have faced difficulties in the pandemic. They also discussed the immigration situation of the country. Mr. Krishnamoorti believes that he would rather prefer in-sourcing talent than out-sourcing work. He believes there can never be too many hardworking and bright people. And that the immigrants have worked and become a part of the fabric of the United States. While conversing about relationships with India, Mr. Krishnamoorti mentioned that each leader of America has contributed to the nation. And that the national security of the US is in part bounds with India. He believes Mr. Biden can mend the harm done by the Trump Govt. A believer of ‘getting things done’, Mr. Krishnamoorti faces his challenges with his head held high.


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