Srikanth Narasimhan, Co-Founder & General Secretary, Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party

On another inspiring episode of The Brand Called, we have with us Mr. Srikant Narasimhan. He is the Cofounder and General Secretary of The Bengaluru Navnirman Part (BNP). He is also the Founder of Veda Corporate Advisors. He had worked with giant firms like Ernst and Young, ICICI, Tata. Mr. Narasimhan had studied  from IIM BANGALORE and BITS, Pilani. 

In Mr. Narasimhan’s opinion, all these are key milestones of his life. These milestones have given him the confidence of taking up larger responsibilities. He spoke in detail about his party BNP. The focus of his party is mainly Municipal governance and Administration. Mr. Narasimhan has laid down some commendable party values like positivity and avoiding power thirst and polarisation. The idea of his party is to unite people and bring about changes which in turn will ease the problems of the common man. Mr. Narasimhan spoke passionately about his believe in making change for the greater good.

Mr. Garg and Mr. Narasimhan discussed the need of city administration and separate approaches for each city. They also discussed the problems of mismanagement of money and cynicism in politics.

His focus on working with integrity is extremely grounded and empowering. He believes strongly in the youth and their knowledge and determination to bring about change. Mr. Narasimhan is goal oriented and works for the greater good of all!

Srikanth Narasimhan, Co-Founder & General Secretary, Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party


Srikanth Narasimhan is Co-Founder & General Secretary of Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP), a new-age unique political party focused only on Bengaluru and its Municipal Governance. Through BNP, Srikanth aims to build a citizen-participative & transparent model of governance at the city level. Srikanth was earlier the Founder of Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF). As the General Secretary of BAF, he built the largest such citizen group in the country, which today comprises 850 apartment complexes in Bengaluru as members representing almost about 6 lakh citizens. Srikanth is extremely passionate about social & civic issues and has built up a lot of knowledge as well as brought in a lot of interventions in the areas of waste water management, water conservation, solid waste management, energy conservation etc., specifically relating to apartment communities.

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