Paritosh Tyagi, Former Chairman of Central Pollution Control Board

In another intriguing episode of The Brand Called You, we have  Mr Paritosh Tyagi with us today. Mr. Tyagi is an extremely experienced personality who has worked in several fields within and outside the country. He finished his education from the University of Roorkee. He has completed his master’s in Engineering from All India Institute of Hygiene in Public Health. He has worked for the opening commission in India and the water department of the Republic of Kenya. 

He has also worked at the Asian Development Bank in Philippines. Lastly, he served as the Chairman of the Central Pollution Control Board, after which he retired.  Talking to his nephew about the sanitation issues of the country, Mr. Tyagi mentioned the shortfall between the quantity of water and the water that is treated and disposed of. He also highlighted the different approaches towards sanitation problems in the rural and urban areas. Mr. Tyagi described his journey in the CPCB and how he has noticed changes in the waiting of the board over the years. He spoke about science and spirituality, his roles in the different departments he worked with and his secret to a healthy and fit life.

Mr. Tyagi has had an amazing career over the years and has immensely given back to the community in his own great ways.

Paritosh Tyagi, Former Chairman of Central Pollution Control Board


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