Major General Vikram Dev Dogra, Ati Vashisht Seva Medal award recipient

In candid conversation with Mr. Garg today, we are pleased to have General Vikram Dev Dogra, a soldier. The recipient of the ‘sword of honour’ award, General Dogra is selfless and indeed patriotically driven.General Dogra is also an active participant of the ‘Iron Man’, an intensive sport activity which requires mental as well as physical endurance.


He is a member of the UN Peacekeeping forces in Africa and Angola. Having served in the cadre of Jammu and Kashmir on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), he has witnessed quite some battles. And after intensive training, equipment knowledge  and learning the ways of the army as a beginner, he finally got his own command in 2003. 


He mentions that the real pressure of being in the Army is realised when lives are dependent on the decisions a soldier makes. The army not just trains a good soldier but more importantly, a very good leader. 

“Life in the Army is not only a career, it’s a way of life”

General Dogra believes that while the new millennials bring interesting and helpful ideas, the traditions of the Army remain unaffected for the greater good.

Major General Vikram Dev Dogra, Ati Vashisht Seva Medal award recipient



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