Deepak Thombre, Chairman of the Board, Dalmia Refractories Ltd. (DRL)

“Human potential is infinite”- Deepak Thombre

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg converses with Deepak Thombre, Chairman of the Board, Dalmia Refractories Ltd., a well-renowned executive coach, mentor, and advisor. He’s also a very accomplished classical singer.

Deepak reminisces about his early life and motivation that laid the foundation for his illustrious corporate career. He shares the three key milestones that he cherishes in his four-decade-long career. He elucidates how it felt working with eleven companies, transiting through different cultures and work atmosphere.

Deepak shares his experiences leading different types of companies. He examines the relevance of coaching in India. He shares his insights about critical competency and leadership. The corporate veteran tells Ashutosh a secret- the secret to excelling as a leader.

Deepak asks us to explore the benefits a coach has to offer before approaching him/her. He talks about the significance of building trust. He shares his vivid ideas about life after retirement and the importance of having a hobby.


Deepak Thombre, Chairman of the Board, Dalmia Refractories Ltd. (DRL)



I have over 40 years of work experience across different types of organizations
including reputed multinationals as well as family owned companies. In my various assignments, I have been instrumental in fuelling significant growth by creating new markets, domestic & international in a highly competitive environment, building high performance teams, putting into place effective systems and processes, leading teams in turnaround situations, driving change-management programs, creating & running the Group MD’s office, heading group strategy and corporate governance, supporting joint ventures, and leading the P & L of a mid-sized business.

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