Nidhi Kalra, Founder, ITAAP (It’s All About People)

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Nidhi Kalra, Founder – ITAAP (It’s All About People). Nidhi is a multi potentialite who has chosen to let two of her talents be experienced by the world. 

Nidhi talks about the three key milestones in her life. The founder explains how she started managing people when she was just twenty years old. She defines what a search firm is and differentiates it from ‘headhunters’. She explains her motivation behind creating ITAAP.

Nidhi gives us a clear idea about how a search firm works. She explains the role search firms play in actualizing effective recruitment. Later, she talks about the key differences between recruiting for a domestic company and an MNC. She talks about ‘Passion in a Bowl’, her startup, which has a very interesting origin story. She emphasizes on the significance of healthy food and the habit of exercising. Before concluding, she defines success in a uniqu 


Nidhi is a multi-potentialite and has chosen for now to let two of her talents be experienced by the world. She is passionate about fit gastronomy and loves to experiment with world cuisines often done with local ingredients. Her boutique and craft food brand ‘Passion in a Bowl’ is known for culinary workshops for fit-foods and fusions that make popular food come alive with fitter preparation and ingredients. In this ‘fit but tasty food’ quest of hers Nidhi in 2018 launched an artisanal muesli, Magic Muesli. In no time it garnered great response, becoming a brand that Horlicks promoted internally as a corporate gift with its employees and other stakeholders not just in India but globally too. She carries the same zeal and sensibility to her recruitment venture as well. Her commitment to the purpose of making peoples’ carriers engaging and better aligned to their interests and strengths is at the heart of her recruitment company ‘Its All About People’ (ITAAP). She has been leading recruitment businesses since 2007. After working in Brand, Consulting and Market Research Industry for almost a decade, with her flair for building high performing teams she has been enabling people to find their passion at work. Today ITAAP is one of the most sought after Executive search firm and is a preferred partner to some of the largest global FMCG firms and unicorns like Coke, GSK, Loreal ,Swiggy and Goals 101 to name a few.
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During these testing times Its All About People’ (ITAAP) launched a pro-bono initiative called ‘ITAAP Collective’ to help revive the micro economy. ITAAP Collective is a bridging initiative, connecting thousands of covid-hit out-of-job candidates with companies that are hiring through a huge networking exercise. Apart from this, she is at the age of 39 learning the guitar inspired by her 11yo music prodigy of a son as she says.






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