Ritika Kothari, Founder & Creative Director, House of Ritika

Today on The Brand Called You, we have with us Mrs. Ritika Kothari. Mrs. Kothari is an architect , e-commerce professional, designer and digital media consultant.

Mrs. Ritika has used her entrepreneurial skills and creativity ever since college. Her creativity and experimental outlook led her to start her own e-commerce startup called House of Ritika. While describing her venture, she mentioned that HoR helps several new startups as well as older Indian ventures rebrand themselves. According to Mrs. Kothari this is done by digital marketing, advertisements, roi driven strategies and visual appeals. This helps the brands in audience engagement and gain higher reach. In her own words, House of Ritika is an ‘Aspirational Space’. She herself helps and advises thousands of people through her social media by sharing  tips and tricks about digital marketing and consultancy. 

A person who believes that, she is shaped by her experiences as well as her failures, Mrs. Kothari has changed the shape of the digital market in her own way! 








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