Craig Lemasters, CEO GXG, Author and Speaker, Rapid Cycle Learning

Author and Speaker, Rapid Cycle Learning, Former Fortune 500 Subsidiary CEO, Entrepreneur | Investor | Board Member

Today on our show, we have a corporate professional turned entrepreneur who is also a motivational speaker and an author, Craig Lemasters in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Craig is the CEO of GXG and he brings many years worth of experience and wisdom to our show. Craig has had a very successful corporate career but he decided to become an entrepreneur for his love of growing and creating new things. He shares with us about his book ‘Unstuck- Unlocking and Activating my Wisdom’ and what made him write about it. He tells us about his Unstuck methodology that has helped many many of his clients clear their vision over the years and continues to do so. Craig emphasizes timing and tells us that getting unstuck fast enough is the most important thing. Craig is focused on creating an impact on his clients and businesses through his drive and passion for businesses. Tune in to listen to his successful method of getting UNSTUCK!


Craig Lemasters, CEO GXG, Author and Speaker, Rapid Cycle Learning


Craig Lemasters, former CEO of a $5B Fortune 500 subsidiary, is an author, entrepreneur, investor, and board member with more than two decades of success in executive leadership positions, now dedicated to helping senior leaders get unstuck on the major growth challenges to their businesses. When Craig took over Atlanta-based Assurant Solutions in 2005, it was a $2 billion purely domestic business focused almost entirely on a dying industry: Credit Insurance.
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Today, Assurant is a dynamic, high growth, digitally- astute global provider of protection products  and other innovative digitally-focused risk management solutions. Craig’s insistence on candid conversations about knowledge gaps, leading by doing, and output-based strategies, reinvigorated the culture while laying the foundation for growth. During his tenure, Assurant Solutions expanded from a solely domestic B2B organization to include B2C offerings and a presence in 25 new markets around the world. Craig continues to build on his leadership philosophy as CEO of GXG, an advisory firm that helps organizations de-risk and accelerate critical growth initiatives by connecting them with the right combination of external knowledge and experience. Craig speaks for a wide variety of industry and leadership audiences around the world with a focus on helping organizations more effectively navigate the journey from strategy to execution.








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