Sanjay Srivastava, Business Thought Leader & Expert, Career CEO and Board Director

In this episode of The Brand Called You, Ashutosh Garg engages in an interesting conversation with our guest Sanjay Srivastava. Sanjay is a Business Thought Leader and a Strategic Advisor, he also sits on board of many big companies, he’s also the part of Make in India movement which started a few years ago, and is responsible for its success. Recognized as the most admired leader for business transformation and Make in India, Sanjay is now here to share his wisdom on strategizing and leadership. Sanjay is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and he went on to study at Howard and Michigan for his further studies. He’s worked for many big names like Tata and Mahindra. He talks to us about what goes into Make in India a success and how it aims to make India the right destination for manufacturing and world exports. He then tells us the changes made in SEZs in the country. Sanjay has been leading company boards and has been working with the government for several years and he has great insights for us all. Tune in to find more!

Sanjay Srivastava, Business Thought Leader & Expert, Career CEO and Board Director


Sanjay Srivastava is an exceptional business leader and amongst India’s most prominent voices on building business ecosystems and “Make in India”. He has 25+ years of cutting-edge experience in global Destination creation, running large P&Ls, strategic expansions including JV Investment Platforms, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales, Marketing & Project Operations. Sanjay comes with unique capabilities of having created and led businesses across Diverse Sectors including Cities, Urban Infrastructure, Technology/ ICT and Financial Services. He has been a valued leader for top-notch corporates including Mahindra Group, Accenture, Tata Group and CRISIL, a Standard & Poor’s Company during his stints.  Most recently, He led Mahindra Group’s Integrated Cities Business for 7+ years as CEO & Business Head – Mahindra World City, Jaipur and Board Director at 3 Joint Venture Investment Platform companies along with International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Sumitomo Corporation. 

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