Sumeet Anand, Founder & CEO, IndSight Growth Partners

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us Mr. Sumeet Anand. Mr. Anand is the Founder of Insight Growth Partners and the President of India French Chamber of commerce. And he has finished his MBA from HEC Paris.

Insight Growth Partners is a boutique practice that revolves around the consultation of the founding partner. Mr. Anand primarily guides several country managers from various firms and helps them find the right opportunities for them in India. Insight also helps align business plans with major companies.

Mr. Garg and Mr. Anand indulged in a very interesting conversation about the relationship of France and India. Being the President of the India France Commerce Chamber, Mr. Anand believes that due to geopolitical and people to people relations, India and France have gotten over most differences and are now functioning quite harmoniously. Talking about the trades between India and France, Mr Anand mentions that the markets are luxurious and opportunities, uncountable! Mr. Anand remarked that the business and economy of India is flourishing. He also throws light on the potential that India holds which attracts Investors into the country. 

Today’s episode is educating and extremely motivating!


Sumeet Anand is the Founder of IndSight Growth Partners, a leading strategy-consulting firm advising global & select Indian clients on India corporate strategy and strategic partnerships since 2012. IndSight is the India office of the France headquartered global strategy consulting firm with 10 offices across all six continents, Advancy. Sumeet is engaged in select professional and pro bono initiatives focused on developing linkages between India and France. Sumeet is the President of the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry/ CCI France-Inde. He is the first Indian to be elected to the global Governing Committee of HEC Paris Alumni association. Sumeet has 25 years of top management consulting and general management experience. Previously, he had 15 years of CXO experience with French groups such as Pernod Ricard & Savencia, twice as CEO & Country Manager for India & South Asia. Sumeet assists Fortune 500 & CAC 40 – SBF 240 corporations, family owned Indian groups, private equity funds, fast growing ETIs and global institutions in building successful and durable businesses and relationships in India. He advises top leadership at global headquarters level as well as country level in India.

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