Deepa Soman, Founder, Lumiere Business Solutions

Today on our podcast, we have another woman leader, Deepa Soman in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Deepa is the Founder of Lumiere Business Solutions and is a professional business coach and she’s here to share her experience and wisdom with us.  After giving birth to her son, Deepa experienced something that working moms usually do, the tension of leaving their child behind, that inspired her to do something for her own and hence, Lumiere was born. Lumiere is a research and consulting solutions company founded in 1996, and their core team of researchers and analysts is an all woman team. In the interview, she tells us how Lumiere works to create an atmosphere for growth of its clients by asking questions from them and making them reflect. She gives us a simple yet a major difference between mentor and a coach, “a mentor tells and the coach asks”. She tells us about her leadership style and what motivates her to do what she loves. Deepa is an inspired person who loves to spend her time reading or around nature. In her own words, she likes to see things flower. Tune in to find more about her!

Deepa Soman, Founder, Lumiere Business Solutions


An Economics major from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, with a degree in Business Management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Deepa has been an entrepreneur for two decades. She was selected on campus as management trainee, Hindustan Lever Limited. She worked in sales and marketing research. Deepa took a career break when her son was born and moved to Kingston, Jamaica with her family. She discovered that she was not cut to be a stay-at-home mum and started work with a marketing research firm J. A Young Research. She was a visiting faculty for Marketing Research at the University of West Indies. Deepa started Lumiere Consultancy Services in Jamaica. Deepa’s life and the Lumiere journey is profiled in Rashmi Bansal’s 2013 book, Follow Every Rainbow, on 25 women entrepreneurs. Deepa founded Lumiere Business Solutions in 1996 as a social enterprise. The purpose is to enable women professionals to get back to work It’s a solutions firm with experience in research, consulting and design. Lumiere is taught as a case study in many educational institutes as an early adopter of the Cloud.

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