Deepshikha Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner, SpeakIn

“I’m the sum total of the people I’ve met all my life.”– Deepshikha Kumar

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Deepshikha Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner, SpeakIn. Deepshikha is an eminent speaker and a published author.

Deepshikha shares the three key milestones of her life. She elucidates what made her jump off the employee bandwagon and pursue her entrepreneurial instinct. She explains why she decided to make that decision.

Deepshikha explains what SpeakIn is about. She emphasizes on the importance of networking. She provides a succinct and concise definition of ‘open talent economy’.

‘What makes someone a good speaker?’ The prominent speaker attempts to answer this long-debated question and tells us how to learn to speak effectively. She analyzes the rising role of business communication in India.

Deepshikha shares her insights about the importance of networking in personal life and business. She reveals the right time for a person to start networking. She later shares her thoughts about gender balance. Before concluding, Deepshikha defines success in a mesmerizingly unique way.


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