Dr. Mel Rosenberg, University and College Professor, Inventor, Public Speaker, Musician and Children’s Book Writer

On another refreshing episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a very successful personality from Israel. Dr. Mel Rosenberg. He is a professor of Engineering at The Shankar College. He teaches the students,  success skills of the digital future. He is also a microbiologist in the university of  Tel Aviv. He is a musician, inventor, public speaker and writer of children’s books. He is the Founder of ourbooks.com, a self publishing platform for writers. 

With a diverse set of skills and professions, Dr. Rosenberg is multi talented. Mr. Garg and Dr. Rosenberg indulge in a very interesting discussion about the relationship of India and Israel.  Dr. Rosenberg describes India as a country of diverse and rich culture that attracts hundreds of Israeli students for further education. He describes Israel as a country free of authority and hierarchy. 

Talking about his career, he throws light on the work he has done as a scientist and inventor. He has mastered the subject of bad breath with intense research and solutions for about thirty years. He has also written books about the same. 

Dr. Rosenberg is extremely passionate about passing on life lessons to children. He has written many such books based on his experience and firmly propagates it. A multifaceted personality, Dr. Rosenberg had given back to the society immensely. He works in different fields and contributed greatly to each of these fields.

Dr. Mel Rosenberg, University and College Professor, Inventor, Public Speaker, Musician and Children’s Book Writer


Prof. Mel Rosenberg is a university and college professor, inventor, publiC speaker, musician and children’s book writer. He is currently Professor in the Engineering Faculty at Shenkar College where he teaches a course in success skills of the digital future. He is co-founder of Ourboox.com, a self-publishing platform. He is also an author of children’s books and a professional musician. He has organized three TEDx events at Shenkar College, and managed the Keter Innovation Center. Previously he was a professor in the Faculty of Design at HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) where he taught courses in creative thinking, children’s book writing, and personal skill development. He was also a Professor and Dean of Students at Afeka College. He spent his main career as Professor of Microbiology at Tel Aviv University where he currently teaches academic courses in popular music.

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