Dr. Neetika Batra, Dean and Professor Finance, SOIL

Ashutosh Garg converses with Dr. Neetika Batra, Dean and Professor of Finance, SOIL. An investment banker turned professor talks about her transition from a triumphant corporate career to the world of academia.

“The purpose of education should not be confined to just making money. Education is meant to empower people lifelong.”- Dr. Neetika Batra

Neetika gives an outline of the requisites needed to build a flawless education system. She analyzes how education has evolved over the years. Being someone who has worked in the management and academic sector, she gets to the bottom of the relationship between both.

She examines the ‘open-for-all’ scenario of the management sector today, i.e. students from liberal arts background have an equal opportunity to become corporate leaders.

Later she talks about the role of government in modern education, brain drain, the future of education in India, and the impact caused by millennials and Gen-Z in education.This insightful conversation revolving around management and academics is an eye-opener to people who aspire to become a teacher or a corporate leader or both.


Member of SLT (SOIL Leadership Team) (2019 till date)

As part of the senior leadership team, am responsible for crafting the strategy for future growth of the entire school, lead the teams and manage its operations on an end to end basis.

Dean (2019)

In addition to management of academic team, program office with areas including effective curriculum design and delivery of courses, faculty management, student activities, internal mentoring, and teaching finance courses, took over additional responsibilities of dean as:

  • Management of admissions, marketing team, to strengthen the teamwork and processes therein, so as to ensure higher enrollments and better brand building of the school
  • Managing career services team activities including placements, live projects, external mentoring, leadership series for effective student employability

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