Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa Education

We are delighted to have with us a very happy go lucky and successful personality, Shreyasi Singh. Mrs. Singh is the Founder and CEO of an online learning platform – Harappa Education and a very experienced journalist.  After completing her education from LSR and IIMS, she continued to work with a number of print media and broadcasting companies. Mrs. Singh is not a keen supporter of tv journalism. She believes that tv journalism has turned into an unhealthy environment for journalists. They discussed the extensive changes that have taken place in the field of journalism and how journalists have adapted to them. They also talk about the broad spectrum that journalism has acquired via the internet. Mrs. Singh believes that it is easier for people to express their opinions and share their thoughts through various social media platforms. Mrs. Singh also tells us about her current venture of Harappa Education. She explains that it is an online institution that teaches using the cognitive, social and behavioral skills. She describes the structure and procedure of her online portal and it’s benefits. They further discuss the internet being a key aspect of learning in the modern day. Its usage for passion learning, distant learning and online education and regulation of education (as a subject) in the country. Mrs Singh is a multi-tasker and a role model to lots of women.She’s extremely passionate about her work and is equally hard-working!


Shreyasi’s journey to entrepreneurship, and higher education, is itself symbolic of the diversity and opportunities of modern careers. She is currently Founder & CEO, Harappa Education — an online education institution that aims to become a necessary and high-quality learning destination for all young professionals

She began her career as a journalist, and spent more than 10 years in media, across news agencies, broadcast and specialty print media. She was the editor of the Indian edition of  Inc., the iconic American magazine on entrepreneurship. The magazine was consistently commended for its benchmark production values, editorial quality and fresh storytelling. Her fascination for entrepreneurship, especially around tech-enabled scale businesses, was seeded at this time. 

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