Dr. Sudhi Seshadri, International Educator & Business and Sustainability Expert

When asked about what success meant to him, Dr Sudhi retorts with very enlightened words by his professor G.D. Aggarwal, “the value of something is what it leads to.”

In this episode of The Brand Called You, we are here with yet another paragon, Dr Sudhi Seshadri. Dr Seshadri is an International Educator and a Business and Sustainability Expert. He has taught at several prestigious institutions such as, IIM Bangalore, Indian School of Business, Singapore Management Industry and Myra School of Business. 

In the interview, Dr Sudhi reminisces about his early career life in Shadohl, Madhya Pradesh as an environmental planner and did many other projects in the five year span. He then discusses his life in the USA, where he built his interest in Management science and academics. He discourses on the different disciplines within management science and how science makes use of all those disciplines to arrive at a decision. He reckons that the new online schooling will lead to the global access of management knowledge. He stands by a blended form of learning in which people get to learn and interrogate at the same time.

Dr. Sudhi Seshadri, International Educator & Business and Sustainability Expert



1. I was fortunate to have a good exposure to Civil Society groups early in my undergrad program at IIT Kanpur. We called it the voluntary sector. A student body was advised by profs at IIT K on intermediate technology for rural areas. Got me involved in understanding how a modern, technology based education can be made relevant to social problems – pollution, regional planning. My takeaway is associate with interesting people doing projects with interesting ideas. And interest in public goods.
2. Fortunate to start with L&T in Mumbai where a NGO of the same group was planning a DST supported Outreach experiment in Envirinmental Planning. I grabbed the chance and relocated to central Indian district. Do something risky,  where you can build personal values, work with new ideas having potential to attract like minded people.
3. With a stint at TRDDC Tata Group again got to exploring how big business can help improve lives of rural folk with new tech, I decided to build my theoretical training. No substitute for training. Do some graduate program – one year masters, or longer. In my case it became a PhD in US. Professionalize in a field with specialisation possibility. In my case, Decision Sciences. Today the field has evolved into Analytics, Operations & Management Sciences.

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