Keith Harrison-Broninski, Founder, Collaborations Tools Ltd

Keith Harrison-Broninski FRSA is an author, speaker, and technology/business consultant specializing in collaboration across
organizational boundaries as well as a social technology for wellness,
community, and finance.

Meet Keith Harrison Broninski, an author, keynote speaker, technology/business consultant, and musician. He is the Founder of Collaborations Tools Ltd. In the interview, he talks about collaboration tools devised by him that helps communities and societies behave in a better/structured way. He is also a jazz musician with 6 albums of his own!

5 C’s of Collaboration 

Keith talks to us about his company Collaboration Tools Limited and the scope of work that it does. He explains that it is a vehicle for building technology and explaining the ideas that he has been developing over a period of 30 years. He shares the importance of collaboration in his career and society. Keith has developed collaboration tools, five principles that guide his theory of collaboration- Commit, Communicate, Contribute, Calculate, and Check and he applies these rules for the better functioning of businesses and societies. 

Millennials and collaboration 

Keith works with people across different generations. According to him, millennials and gen z’s “are naturally collaborative, and not so defensive.” He thinks millennials and gen z’s are naturally open and supportive of each other. 

Super communities and Borders? 

Keith shares his perspective on the borders in the world that are closing in instead of opening up. The gulf between countries like America and China seems to widen when there is a great need for communities to come together and fight against the necessary evils, for example, global warming.

“One of the things I found when I was thinking about writing my book is that to get any real understanding of things like economic issues that affect communities, you need to look at the grand sweep of history. In my book, I go back to the bronze age and I look at economic mechanisms that were developed than many of which are more effective than the ones we have now and I think we have to take that perspective on the borders that are emerging in the world at the moment. I think we’re too close to it to really see what is going to happen and particularly with relations between America, China, and Russia. This is something that will play out not over the next 10 years, it’ll play over that next 100-200 years and we may actually over the long term be moving to a much more open society.” 

Collaboration and communication is the only way forward for a better inclusive world. Tune in to this episode to find out how Keith has achieved this with his books and his company.

Keith Harrison-Broninski, Founder, Collaborations Tools Ltd


Keith Harrison-Broninski FRSA is an author, speaker, and technology/business consultant specialising in collaboration across organisational boundaries as well as social technology for wellness, community, and finance. Keith’s first book was “Human Interactions” (2005): “Set to produce the first fundamental advances in personal productivity since the arrival of the spreadsheet” ( Information Age) “The breakthrough that changes the rules of business” ( Peter Fingar, author of “Business Process Management: The Third Wave”) “The overarching framework for 21st century business technology” ( BP Trends) “The next logical step in process-based technology” ( Chair of the Workflow Management Coalition) Subsequent books to which Keith contributed material on Human Interaction Management include:

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