Sakshi Vij, CEO & Founder, Mylescars and Executive Director, Carzonrent India Pvt. Ltd.

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us Mrs. Sakshi Vij. Mrs. Vij is the co-founder of MylesCars. She has taken a business degree from Harvard Business School. 

MylesCars is a car rental facility which is shaping the personal mobility space in India. Mrs. Vij’s goal of setting a global practice of car renting in the country started off really great with all her cars booked for the next months. Mr. Garg and Mrs Vij discussed the major differences between the giant Ola/ Uber services and rentals. And the changes in the self drive market. Mrs Vij talks about the new generation and how they’ve become major brand ambassadors of the self drive Industry. She believes that awareness around the subject of cars as an asset and the advantages of self drive and rental cars is increasing among the youth. 

They also discussed the mistakes of beginner entrepreneurs and comparison of solo entrepreneurs and confounders.

Mrs. Vij’s journey is quite informative and definitely interesting!

Sakshi Vij, CEO & Founder, Mylescars and Executive Director, Carzonrent India Pvt. Ltd.



Ms. Sakshi Vij has been instrumental in shaping the personal mobility space in India over the last 12 years. Having represented Global Car rental brands in India, successfully built one of the largest radio taxi brands in India and built the largest B2B Chauffeur drive rental brands in India within Carzonrent, she launched Mylescars in November 2013. Mylescars provides an alternate to car ownership for Corporates and individuals. The aim of the brand is to make car ownership more affordable, accessible and convenient. The car subscription solution by Myles, Myles Zero, has been changing the way we look at owning a New or pre-owned vehicle across all major metros in India.

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