Seema Singh Dua, Sculptor, Violinist & Textile Designer

    ● Senior Secondary`83 (with commercial art as a main subject)
    ● Textile Designing`86 (specializing in printing technology)
    ● Free lancing as a textile designer since then
    ● Sculpture since the past 15 years
    ● Course in Art Appreciation from NMI, Delhi
    ● Violinist

Today we have an artist, violinist, and textile designer, Seema Singh Dua in a very interesting conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg about Art. Seema shares the pivotal moments in her life. She started her journey of being an artist when she did a three-year textile design course, she continued the work as a freelancer until she found her calling and started her journey as a sculptor designer. She tells us that sculpting helps her detoxify her mind. She talks about the various materials she uses in her sculptures. Seema tells us about the concept of commission sculptor and shares a few interesting anecdotes about her work as a commission sculptor, where her client becomes creative about the shape, size, idea, etc about the sculptor and asks the artist to create it for them. Art is like a religion for Seema and we are so inspired by the work that she does. She talks to us about the ever-changing value of art and gives us very interesting insights into how much one should pay for the piece. She also tells us how we can differentiate between fake and original art. One can take a course in art appreciation if they are interested in knowing more about sculpting as a viewer. She shares interesting facts about the exposure new artists are getting these days and how a beginner art collector must focus on the new artists for their collections. Seema then shares a beautifully written piece on what success means to her. She gives great insights into failure and tells us that one does not have to be the best at everything. She shares her learnings and experience of many years with us in the interview. 

Seema Singh Dua, Sculptor, Violinist & Textile Designer


It seems after years, as an artist I have understood what figurative sculpture means to me. It is much more than the face of it, the aesthetics more to say. It is the interior aspect of my work that I would like people to connect with..the idea of the inner important part of our existence which is so much more than the façade we put up in the exterior: which is but a fragment of the whole. I would like the viewers to feel and connect with
~our rough exterior and our exposed interior
~the physical world and our inner self
~the real world and our non-corporeal self
~the exposed self and the space within each of us that we don`t allow others to see …something that is so not missing…

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