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Jim Poisant, Secretary General, The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)

We are living in the digital age. Almost all our activities are digital. Many of us don’t even remember the last time we used a pen and paper.

Understanding Advertising and Branding Trends | Ishan Raina, Founder, Raina Advisory Services

Our guest for today, Ishan Raina, also faced this dilemma. Good for him, he chose the former and is now a very successful entrepreneur. We are delighted to welcome Ishan Raina on our show. Ishan Raina is the founder of Raina Advisory Services. He was earlier the founder and CEO of Havas Media. He has […]

An industry that has the power to shape and alter LIFE! | Ajay Bhardwaj, CEO, Anthem Biosciences Private Limited

Ever wished to get God’s power? Well, the biotech industry has it. Yes, the biotech industry has the power to shape and alter life. Today, we are delighted to present Mr. Ajay Bhardwaj who has given half of his life and all of his minds to this industry. Ajay Bhardwaj is the CEO of Anthem […]

Want to start your own podcast? Hear from our hosts! | International Podcast Day

On a very special episode of The Brand Called You, we have all three of our hosts in frame today! Ashutosh Garg, Frits Bussemaker, and Sandeep Tyagi have assembled for a nostalgic episode on the occasion of International Podcast Day! Today we hear the story behind The Brand Called You and what attracted our hosts […]

What is Food Tourism? | Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association

The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome a senior professional from the food and travel industry, Erik Wolf. Erik who currently resides in Spain is the Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association. He is recognised as the Founder of the Modern Food Tourism Industry. Eric is the Author of ‘Have Fork will […]