Ashish Khare, Founder and CEO, MentorKart

Ashish Khare, Founder and CEO, MentorKart

Ashish Khare, Founder, and CEO, MentorKart

With more than 25 years’ experience in successful business leadership, led teams and organizations to innovate, build, implement business solutions & products in the field of Technology and services for customers across 20+ countries.



This episode of The Brand Called You brings you the person who helps the youth to get clarity in their thoughts and lives. Our guest for today, Mr. Ashish Khare, is an entrepreneur, he is the founder and CEO of MentorKart. MentorKart provides a platform for mentees to meet the mentors and get help on various subjects.

About Ashish’s journey

Ashish comes from a tier-three city in India called Panna. He tells us that when he left Panna, he was an introvert, he didn’t know how to communicate with people and he used to always be in a state of confusion. In his early days in Delhi, apart from his studies, he used to do various part-time jobs like working on tea stalls to move out of his hesitation. He was good at maths, so used to teach it to CA students. He got a job later. He started to work in the IT industry in 1999, working there for 17 years. Ashish tells us that he learned many things while working there. One of the most important lessons he learned was the importance of people and team. He met a lot of people who mentored him and this is what he wanted to give to other people too. His thought was to bring a lot of people together who can share their experiences and knowledge with the people in need. He wanted to create a platform where mentors and mentees can meet. To give his idea a shape, he founded MentorKart.

Ashish’s mission of making India future and industry ready

Ashish, through MentorKart, wants to accomplish a mission of making the youth of India, future-ready. He tells us that he wants the youth to be clear in their thoughts so that they can think of the future. Secondly, Ashish mentions that according to the World Economic Forum, there are about 15-20 skills that a person would need in the coming years to get employment, Ashish helps his mentees with these skills too. Another aspect Ashish talks about is the knowledge of the industry his mentee wishes to work for. 

The selection and assessment of mentors at MentorKart

Ashish tells us that MentorKart has never done a campaign asking mentors to join them. He is already getting an overwhelming response from the mentors who want to volunteer for the cause. However, MentorKart follows a six-step process before taking any mentor. There is a panel that reviews the applied profiles and selects them according to the demands of the mentees.

How does the mentee get the value from the mentor he was looking for?

Ashish tells us that many people have helped him to create a strong process to conduct the mentorship session in a particular way that ensures accountability on both sides. They also do a follow-up after the mentorship session ends. 

What does the Youth of India want?

Ashish states that his job is bringing clarity to the confused youth. Now the question arises why they are confused in the first place. The first reason for the confusion is the abundance of information. Another thing Ashish talks about is the lack of employability in the youth. He explains that even after getting degrees, some individuals lack what the companies actually look for. Individuals who haven’t got exposure to the operations of a company yet have no idea about it hence, they lack confidence. MentorKart helps them understand the whole structure and operations of a company. By this, they gain the needed knowledge and clarity of what they actually want to do.


Entrepreneur I Business Coach I Mentor I Life coach I Public speaker I Start-up and incubation Mentor  With more than 25 years’ experience in successful business leadership, led teams and organizations to innovative, build, implement business solutions & products in the field of Technology and services for customers across 20+ countries.  Ashish is startup & Incubation Mentor to many startups from idea to reality and growth stage in various industries and technology like IOT, digital transformation, Media, e-commerce, B2B to B2C and more. Ashish have huge network of startups, professionals, investors from almost all verticals. Ashish also on the Advisory board of various startups in India and abroad  huge experience working with individuals and teams (students, executives, or entrepreneurs) to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a future leader. He helped them Solve specific situation in life, business and achieve specific results.  Ashish has been involved with people to build a career path and working towards empowering people to enhance their skills and fulfil their dreams. Being an experienced industry business leader and mentor, he has recently launched Next Gen Mentorship platform (MentorKart) for various target mentee groups e.g. Students, Working professionals, leaders /entrepreneurs & Startups. This platform is launched and recognized by Startup India scheme under Govt. of India. Vision of this initiative is to provide everyone an ideal mentorship.  Mentorkart was founded by Ashish and his team with mission to provide access to mentors for everyone on a digital platform with easy availability, where experts from various industries can be your mentor and get direct assistance from leading professionals across the globe. Overcome challenges to achieve your personal & professional goals, learn a new job-oriented skill and be successful. From one-on-one (1:1) interaction to Group sessions, MentorKart brings your number of opportunities to develop your key skills and helps you increase your employability, you can stay connected with your personal mentor to Create, track, review and achieve your personal & professional goals from anywhere! anytime! Mentees can Learn from best of industry veterans, Attend Webinars and Mentoring Sessions by Educational gurus, entrepreneurs to handhold you along your journey & so much more!

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