Abhinav Jindal, CEO and Founder, Kimaya Himalayan

Mr. Abhinav Jindal is the CEO and Founder of Komaya Himalayan beer, a beer startup that has reached quite some heights in the country. He has also done business with ‘Javira’ and ‘Be young’. We are extremely delighted to have Mr. Jindal on the show today! 

In an articulate conversation with Mr. Garg, Mr. Jindal threw light on the taboo around the alcohol industry. And how people don’t often consider working in the alcohol business. 

Talking about Kimaya Himalayan Beer, Mr. Jindal elucidated the meaning of the brand name and various brand goals. His venture is more about keeping the product consumer centric and service oriented. His goal was to introduce a beer that could be quintessentially Indian. He was extremely focused on creating a local and standard Indian beer. Mr. Jindal also spoke about the regulations of the beer industry and how his brand keeps up with it. He believes that people from the industry are not focusing on the correct product market fit. He believes that the bigger companies have failed to create an environment to flourish growth. He spoke about govt duties on beer and self interest of giant companies. 

According to him, honesty by the brand is extremely important to maintain ethical relations with consumers.


Abhinav Jindal is the CEO and Founder of Kimaya Himalayan, a beverage manufacturing firm established in 2018. He is a young dynamic industry professional with experience of over 18 years in the business of management consulting, liquor distribution and liquor retailing. His schooling at The Air Force School, Delhi laid the foundation of progressive, passionate thinking and a disciplined approach. Armed with MBA (dual major Marketing & Finance) from IMT- Ghaziabad, he started  his entrepreneurial journey.

Constantly learning and innovating, he has applied the best practices he has picked along his professional journey as well as travel far and wide to his organization. A perfectionist, a compulsive optimist and a wanderer he is extremely inquisitive about different cultures, and social norms.

He started his career with Arthur Andersen as a Business Consultant after which he embarked on his journey in the retail business of alcohol beverage. It was in 2003 when government-supported new entrepreneurs who were keen to being change agents on how alcoholic beverages were being retailed to the consumers. The enthusiasm of establishing himself as a change-maker, the sheer size of the industry, the opportunity to thrive on innovation and experimentation has always kept him motivated over the years- he has demonstrated unmatched skills and dedication to take his venture to new heights of excellence. 

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