Joy Singh, Co partner, Raasta and Co partner, Yeti

“It’s always helpful to have a trustworthy partner. One such partner is enough for you to move forward”- Joy Singh.

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a vibrant conversation with Joy Singh, Co-founder- Raasta, Co-founder- Yeti. Joy, a highly successful entrepreneur, is a graduate from IIFT who ventured into a very different niche, i.e. restaurant business. Joy talks about what motivated him to take up the restaurant business.  He then talks about a unique idea- how he incorporated reggae music into the business in his music-based lounge. He talks about different genres of music and why he chose reggae. Being someone who runs two different types of businesses, Joy elucidates what it takes to manage multiple businesses at the same time. He discusses the impact of millennials and Gen-Z on the restaurant business. AHe analyzes the pros and cons of having a co-founder and going solo. He lists the basic mistakes a lot of startup entrepreneurs make. He analyzes the challenges while scaling up a business. Before concluding, Joy gives valuable pieces of advice to young individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs someday.


Goumtesh Singh, popularly known as Joy Singh is undoubtedly one of the renowned players in the Indian F&B industry with multiple ventures to his credit. Raasta – a Caribbean Lounge and Yeti – a critically acclaimed Himalayan Cafe are the two most popular brands under his belt, catering and pleasing different segments of customers.

He also holds the General Secretary post at Delhi Restaurants & Clubs Association and heads a Hospitality Consultancy and Business Strategies firm.

Singh completed his schooling from Mayo College, Ajmer and pursued Bachelors in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune and Masters in International Business from IIFT. After acquiring the academic skill set, he joined his family export business to help it expand but quickly realized this is not where he belongs. People born in business families do not always have it easy, and sometimes they have to dig deeper to find their true calling. Singh too ditched the easy way and decided to take charge and carve his path. It took him a few years of hard work, testing the market, gaining knowledge of F&B sector to set up his dream bar in 2012. Raasta, a Caribbean lounge, aims to bring alive a more free-spirited approach to life. It is currently one of the most popular and profitable destinations in the Capital.

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