Aline Dobbie, Former Travel Editor, India Link magazine and Author, Quicklook at India

India is the Land of my birth. On one side five generations and four on the other have served, worked, lived, loved … and died in India. My late Father is still considered a Hero of the Indian Army, my ancestor was Commander in Chief in second half of nineteenth century, and my grandfather served with Lawrence in Mesopotamia and my great grandfather built revetments up on the north west frontier when he stopped being a general, and had a long relationship with the then HH Patiala.

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg converses with Aline Dobbie, Former Travel Editor- India Link Magazine, and a reputed author. Aline is a recipient of the Pride of India Gold Award. She has published four books about India. Aline shares with us the three key milestones in her life. As someone who has spent a lot of time in India, Aline talks about the different time periods of the country. She explains how India has been growing, slowly but steadily. Aline narrates the interesting story of meeting Rajiv Gandhi on a flight. Aline elaborates on the necessity of India becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council. “India must be resolute”, says Aline, who has written four books from her understanding of India. She opines on how to make the India-China relationship better. Aline talks about her receiving the Pride of India Gold Award and ‘Art and Culture Award’. Before concluding,  Aline shares with us her learnings from failures in life. Tune in to find more!

Aline Dobbie, Former Travel Editor, India Link magazine and Author, Quicklook at India


We as a couple returned to India in 1997 for me, but first time for my husband Graham. For me it was a sort of pilgrimage and then people said write it in a book… which I did, primarily to keep my mind off the worry of our eldest son being, as a British Army officer, on his second tour of Bosnia. One thing led to another and four books later, and one as it were waiting to be published, I continue to try and promote India as a tourism destination but also the Living Bridge and general understanding of mutual respect and appreciation between India and the United Kingdom. I still speak rusty Urdu Hindi. It was fluent as a child. We are in troubled times; not only has the global threat of a life-threatening pandemic overwhelmed, but big countries have behaved oddly and irresponsibly. The one that perhaps is the origin of the virus keeps trying to push the blame elsewhere and yet gain influence and domination. I studied Imperialism at university with a tutor who was a Sinologist, and he reckoned the Chinese were the last great imperialists, but they would fail as they are not as cohesive a nation as other surmise. He loved India and was intrigued by my family connections. Fundamentally, I keep saying that India is the world’s largest democracy and that is the vital difference. A great developing mass of 1.3 billion people who have choices (albeit sometimes very challenging ones) but they have choices and can show their likes and dislikes and make decisions as with the rest of the developed world where democracy was supposed to have established itself in the 20th century. Then there are others still developing in the African continent. As for the USA that is an unfolding saga currently…

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