Rajeev Tandon, Visiting Professor – Marketing SOIL & MYRA School of Business

Today on The Brand Called You, we have with us Mr. Rajeev Tandon. A visiting professor at SOIL/MYRA and The Manipal University. Mr. Tandon is a marketing expert and has spent a lot of time working with a number of FMCG companies. After completing his Engineering from IIT Kanpur, Mr. Tandon started working with commercial consumer product companies. He believes that authenticity, consumer orientation and reliability are the aspects that make a brand really great. He discusses the importance of relevance of brands for the long run. Mr. Tandon firmly keeps up with the digitalization of Marketing. In his opinion, digital interaction and process helps both the company as well as the consumers. He also throws light on the significance of data in marketing. He describes it as a market mix analysis. He believes that the Gen Zs have bought about considerable changes because of their techno savvy ways. Work driven and extremely motivated, Mr. Tandon is surely an inspiration to the budding entrepreneurs!

Rajeev Tandon, Visiting Professor – Marketing SOIL & MYRA School of Business



Rajeev has spent 30 years marketing flagship brands — across products as diverse as razors, toothbrushes, shave preps, vodka, mosquito repellents, toilet cleaners and air fresheners — to millions of consumers around the world. 

A global CPG leader with deep experience in the emerging markets of India, South East Asia, Egypt, and Russia — he has a strong track record of building brands, execution excellence and unique cultural insight and experience. In his role as Executive Director and General Manager (CEO) at SC Johnson (the makers of Raid, All-out, Glade, Duck, Mr. Muscle and Ziploc), he led business operations for Russia and CIS, Indochina, India and most recently, Indonesia. Prior to SC Johnson, Rajeev worked for The Gillette Company, in sales and marketing leadership roles across India, South Asia and Egypt. 

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