Ambi Parameswaran, Founder,, Brand Consultant and Coach

On this episode of The Brand Called You, we are joined by the extremely talented Ambi Parameswaran. Mr. Parameswaran is a professional of several fields. He has worked in the field of marketing and advertising extensively. He is an IIT graduate from IIM Calcutta. He was the CEO of FCB Ulka, an advertising agency. He has also authored ten books. Mr. Garg and Mr. Parameswaran discussed the various changes and trends of the digital agency. And micro targeting techniques used in the marketing agency. They also conversed about media agencies and how it has changed over the years. Talking about new age influencers, Mr. Parmeswaran believes genuinity of the influencers is very important. He holds the opinion that if the content is new and resourceful, influencers can have a very good impact, engagement and interaction with the viewers.

“Success is a good night’s sleep”

Mr. Parameswaran has also written several books, drawing from his experience. His most recent book about ‘Spring’ is about facing and bouncing back from rejection. He believes the millennials desperately need these values. A professional of various fields and an extremely experienced person, Mr. Parameswaran definitely impacts many lives!

Ambi Parameswaran, Founder,, Brand Consultant and Coach



Ambi M G Parameswaran  is a Brand Consultant / Coach and Founder of, a brand advisory. He is a much in demand speaker at corporate / industry events, and an award winning best-selling author of ten books. 

Ambi spent his 40 year career in corporate India with Boots Company, UDI Yellow pages, Rediffusion Advertising and FCB Ulka. He spent  25 years with FCB Ulka building it into  one of India’s top five ad agencies. Over the last five years he has served on corporate boards as an Independent Director, as a Brand Coach to several small and large brands and as a  mentor to exciting new start-ups. He has worked on iconic brands and companies such as Tata, Wipro, Zee, TCS, Thermax, Tata Indica, GSK, Tropicana, Amul, Nirma, LIC, Santoor, Sundrop, Abbott, ITC etc.

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