Sirisha Bhamidipati, Entrepreneur & Corporate culture building consultant

Today we have with us an extremely motivated personality, Mrs. Sirisha Bhamidipati. Mrs. Bhamidipati is a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad. She works with leaders to build company culture. She is also a coach and mentor to many individuals. She has fought off a major illness during her childhood and that according to Mrs. Bhamidipati, is what has made her the strong woman she is today. 

Talking about her work, Mrs. Bhamidipati explained to the viewers the meaning of culture and value in the workplace. She believes that every start-up/company stands for identity and purpose. And values are highly required in doing so. 

“Culture to Recruiting is what Product is to Marketing!”

Mrs. Bhamidipati strictly mentioned the importance of values and how values cannot be traded off while doing business. Ethos is the main pillar on which business stands. 

Talking about coaching, Mrs. Bhamidipati mentioned the growing importance of coaching for every individual. Mr. Garg also asked some intriguing questions about coach evaluations and safe spaces to communicate with the people. 

Mrs. Bhamidipati is a dreamer and works diligently towards her goals!

Sirisha Bhamidipati, Entrepreneur & Corporate culture building consultant



I believe that ‘people’ matter the most to a leader (it may come second only to real capital at times)and if they are the single factor that can help a leader translate vision into action, then enough leadership focus needs to be placed on the values and culture of the workplace. It doesn’t stop with having a plaque in the office but needs to be instilled not only in everyone associated with the company but also in every process and policy followed there. I work with leaders in organisations to help them consciously build their company culture that, both, the leaders and their teams are proud of. In the process I solve problems for the CEOs and help design their organization resulting in engaged teams and business growth. Grit and resilience are my strengths and my life story inspires people to strive to be the best version of themselves – and thats how I forayed into coaching individuals and business leaders.

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