Maharukh Rustomjee, Founder and Managing Partner of Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP

“There are no shortcuts to hard work and perseverance”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a very accomplished and senior professional from the field of pharmacy, Ms. Maharukh Rustomjee.  Maharukh is the Managing Partner at Amaterasu Life Sciences LLP. She has 35 years of experience as a technocrat and entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical world. She has worked with renowned companies like Novartis and GSK. Maharukh is an awarded and highly celebrated professional of the Pharmaceutical field. In this episode, Maharukh shares her journey through the pharma world with giant companies. She shares the three key milestones of her life and career. Her passion for research and an ambition to give back to society led her to start Amaterasu Life Sciences, which is a venture that commercialises research. It carries out research in a collaborative way which creates wealth as well as solves social problems. Maharukh explains in detail, the work done at Amaterasu and the products that have been created as per the consumer need.  She believes strongly in ethics, integrity and authenticity. And these values have greatly shaped her business. She describes herself to be a delegator whose leadership style is distinctly participative and democratic. Maharukh believes that the existing gender balance can be removed only when more and more women start being self confident. Her hard work and ambitions have led her to be the successful and strong woman that she is today. 

Maharukh Rustomjee, Founder and Managing Partner of Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP


Maharukh a pharmaceutical design scientist, idea innovator and value builder is the Founder and Managing Partner of Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP incorporated in December 2016. 

Amaterasu – a “startup India” recognized company, is a research company endeavoring to build value by developing personnel care, health and wellness as well as pharmaceutical products with a focus on providing solutions for unmet consumer and patient needs. Maharukh’s proven abilities of integrating design concepts and innovation thinking with the rigors of scientific experimentation and scale- up /technology development will fuel the growth of Amaterasu. She has a work experience spanning 35 years as a technocrat and entrepreneur with core competency in formulations research and drug delivery system innovations, phytochemical based healthcare products, intellectual property, manufacturing, regulatory sciences and drug delivery business covering all geographic territories.

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