Vikash Gupta, Founder, Three Sixty

In this new episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a very successful entrepreneur, Vikash Gupta, in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Vikash is the founder of Three Sixty, a leather lifestyle brand. After completing his education from the USA Vikash came back to India to start his own venture. A first generation entrepreneur, Vikash learnt things on his own and he’s made Three Sixty reach success with customers in India and around the world. He shares his four Ps rule of success with us, i.e. Patience, Passion, Prayer and Performance. Vikash informs us about the environmental challenges caused by the leather industry and how they are eliminating those challenges by making technological improvements. Vikash is a firm believer in working hard for success and his story proves it. When asked about work-life balance, Vikash remarks, “the journey is long and one fine day will never come”. He emphasizes on being honest and truthful while working in an organisation and advises young entrepreneurs to celebrate their failures. Vikash’s journey is a true inspiration for anyone who’s starting up on their own. Tune in to find more!


Vikash Gupta is a first-generation entrepreneur and founder of brand Three Sixty. Three Sixty is a brand and a design studio, with a vision to offer customers an exceptional experience of design, Indian craftsmanship and quality products through timeless leather collections that include home decór, accent furniture, lifestyle accessories and more. With more than two decades of experience in the leather industry, Ranvik Exports, the parent company of Three Sixty was founded by Vikash Gupta in 1993. The company started with humble beginnings and a vision to design and produce leather furniture showcasing Made in India, to the world. A firm believer in pursuing a life-work life balance, Vikash embodies this spirit by being an entrepreneur and a family man. He studied B.Sc in compute science in the U.S and is an avid golfer, fitness freak and music buff. His wife Shobhana, lends active participation in the business by managing the finance section. Anant is the elder of two siblings and works with Lenovo, while Shishir is studying Industrial Design in Vancouver, Canada.

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