Shekar Vishwanathan, Fmr Vice Chairman, Toyota Kirloskar

Meet Shekar Vishwanathan, FMR Vice-Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar, who has played a big part in Toyota’s massive success.

Today on our show we have a mountaineer, professional declutterer, coach, and author, Saahil Mehta, a successful entrepreneur from Dubai who talks to us about his work and shares deep insights into decluttering, business coaching, and spirituality. Saahil is an entrepreneur from Dubai and a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. He talks to us about why one needs a coach in his/her entrepreneurial journey. He shares key insights on how coaches help the coachees get to learn by giving a different perspective and their key role in highlighting the things for their coachees. He then talks to us about his process of decluttering one’s mind, body, relationships and also shares an interesting anecdote on how he discovered decluttering for himself. He informs us that journaling, meditating, breathing exercises can set one on the right path to decluttering oneself. An avid mountaineer, Saahil shares how he trains for the mountains and tells us about his transforming experiences. Tune in to listen to his interesting journey!

Saahil Mehta, Entrepreneur, Author and Passionate Mountaineer


As a Global Citizen Saahil has built successful businesses across three continents, lived his childhood dream of scaling four of the tallest mountains in the world, has written a book on personal disruption and coaches ambitious leaders on achieving their personal & professional summits. Saahil has embarked on a journey that has enabled him to BREAK-FREE from the mental clutter that was holding him back from his true potential. He is now deeply focused on guiding thoughtful leaders to navigate their health, wealth, and relationships as they scale their personal & professional summits.

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