Vandana Suri, Founder, Taxshe Services Pvt. Ltd.

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg converses with Vandana Suri, a highly successful investment banker turned an eccentric entrepreneur who came up with a revolutionary idea- Taxshe, a taxi company exclusively for women run by women.

“I drive a client every day,” says Vandana when she talks about her unique model that focuses more on the empowerment of women than making money. Vandana prefers quality over quantity: she shares her ideas of expanding the business without deviating from the core objective, i.e. safety and empowerment of women.

“The one thing which will increase gender balance is men helping with the housework. Equal work at home will make equal work at the office”- Vandana Suri

Vandana shares her insights on gender balance. She explains why she drives a client every day. Rather than being a mere founder of the company, she aspires to inspire her workforce and get the blue-collar notion out. She analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of having a co-founder when starting a company.


Vandana Suri is the founder of Taxshe – an organisation with the core focus of women and child safety, with a very practical solution of women driving women and kids.  Taxshe mobilises women from the underpriveleged segments, trains them over months in professional driving skills, and these women in turn drive a whole lot of children to and fro school and tuitions and also corporate women. They also host safety for women travellers on their late night airport drives. This model is a win win for society at large, as it ensures women and child safety and also empowers marginalised women with a life skill based career. 

Taxshe is currently present in Bangalore and Delhi NCR, driving about 600+ kids to school every single day. This cab service doesnt work as an alternate cab service, they work as alternate moms dropping the kids to school and offers peace of mind as the key product for parents. 

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