Omar Fahoum, Former CEO of Deloitte & Touché, Middle East

Omar Fahoum is the former CEO of Deloitte & Touche Middle East. 

The Brand Called You welcomes Omar Fahoum, the former CEO of Deloitte & Touche who talks to us about her professional career of over 35 years and shares his insights into the services industry, accounting, and more! Omar talks about the scope of work done by Deloitte. He shares how the company transitioned from being an accounting firm that started 175 years ago to now one of the four largest professional services organizations in the world. He shares the key challenges he faced while growing the business of Deloitte which saw an increase of 15 Folds while he worked as a CEO of the company. Omar shares how the company was able to transition from accounting to services. Since technology is taking over most industries, Omar answers the question “if blockchains are going to be the future of conventional auditing?” He gives very interesting information about the accounting industry. He also busts our myths about taxing in Middle Eastern countries. With an inclusive leadership style, Omar opines that success is only when a company genuinely makes a social impact. Tune in to get inspired!

Omar Fahoum, Former CEO of Deloitte & Touché, Middle East


I have had the honor and privilege to serve as the Chief Executive of Deloitte & Touche (M.E.), one of the largest professional services organizations in the region, for the last 18 years. The firm’s network of offices covers 13 countries and 22 offices in the Middle East region with over 5,500 professionals. I’m proud to have been at the helm of a world-leading professional services firm, promoting business growth, developing future leaders, encouraging social mobility and diversity and making an impact that matters.

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